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Web Link Extractor

March 22, 2008
Web Link Extractor is a link URL and link text extractor. Thanks to an easy interface, in a few clicks you can extract any link. The application is useful also for veterans because of many settings which allows you to customize the extractor.

The best part of this application is the way that it lets you to introduce the URL. By using a fuzzy matching, the software will recognize also the missing links. You can choose to extract links from the whole website to a single webpage due to the filters used for link and text URL. You can specify also the minimum length of a link text and any keywords that must be included or excluded by the link text.

The output data can be exported as link URL or link text or both of them and saved as *.txt or *.csv in order to be browsed by Notepad or Excel.

If you don”t want to create a new task every time you want to extract some links, you can save your task parameters so in the future you don’t need to create another one.

Pluses: The program can recognize the link although there might be missing words; it can save the output data in *.txt and *.csv format;

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