Poppy For Windows 5.8.3

Description of Freeware (Last Update: 27 January 2008) : Poppy for Windows is a small utility that you can use on your Windows PC. It will notify you when you have mail waiting on the POP3 server of your Internet provider (or Internet providers). Poppy can check multiple POP3 servers and check for new messages at regular time intervals. Poppy needs a working internet connection and is typically used in combination with an ‘always on’ internet connection, such as a cable or DSL connection. It can be used with a dial-up connection, but that is not very effective. Here is a list of the features of Poppy: Checks multiple POP3 accounts for new mail. Uses the taskbar icon to indicate that mail is waiting. A configurable interval between checks of the POP3 account. A a convenient popup menu to reach all functions and configuration. Play a sound when new mail has arrived on any account. Play a different sound for each account. Execute an external program when new mail has arrived. Show a non-interfering popup window when new mail has arrived. Automatically hide the popup window, without user intervention. Always notify or only when new mail has arrived. Always notify or only when mail from a friend has arrived. Dialog to display ‘From’ address and subject of each message. View the headers of an e-mail message. Preview the source of an e-mail message. Delete e-mail messages from POP3 servers. Select and/or unselect messages based on selection rules. Only notify based on the selection rules. Check e-mail headers against an anti-SPAM DNS blacklist. It is small and easy to use.

 Internet / Email
 413 KB
 Win 95/98/NT/2K
 (5140 View)
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