GoodFrame 0.6

Description of Freeware (Last Update: 25 February 2008) :You can already find many softwares to add frames to your pictures, so why a new one? GoodFrame is diferent. I am going to explain you why: When you add a frame to a picture in a normal way the ratio is not kept.
Example :
Let say your picture is 3872 x 2592 pixels, the ratio between the height and the width is 1,5 (15/10). You want to a frame that is 400 pixels thick. The new size of you picture is now 4672 x 3392 pixels, and the ratio between the height and the width is 1,38, diferent from 1,5
If you just want to display it on a website it is not a problem but if you want to print it on a 15/10 format the result will not be very nice.
You are going to have black vertical bands on the left and on the right or the frame will be only 261 pixels thick on the top and on the bottom. This why I developped this software.
Here is the list of the features:

  • Can work on one picture or on a complete folder
  • Some standard frames are delivered
  • The frames can be composed of 4 diferent colors
  • A logo can be added on the picture
  • A watermark can be added
  • A signature can be added
  • The pictures can be resized in order to be published on a web site for example.
  • The JPeg quality can be selected.
  • The original pictures are never modified.
  • The exifs information are kept

 Graphics / Editors
 536 KB
 Windows XP (Need Microsoft .NET Framewor
 (1803 View)
 Click Here


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