Editor’s Review – Amara Flash Slideshow Software

Amara Flash Slideshow Software is a cute application which can help you create exquisite standalone image slideshows.

The program is quite easy to use due to its tabbed interface. There are no complicated menus where you can get lost, all is done by shifting through tabs from general settings to slides’ settings.

In order to create a slideshow you need to go through the six configuration steps. First, you need to choose the dimensions of you future slideshow. Here you can also choose borders, customize the background and add a SWF (Flash) foregroung clip. Effects can be also added to the slideshow: you can select from a list of seven effects and you can customize the effect’s duration (in seconds).

Besides the imagery, you can add sound to your slideshows. MP3 or WAV audio files can be played along with the shifting images. You can also add a volume bar and play/pause/stop buttons for sound control. The buttons can be customized as well in terms of position, size, colors.

Slideshows can be designed to be viewed as standard slideshows, as albums with navigation buttons or with thumbnails. You can also add links and formatted text to each slide.

External Download Mirror 1

· External Download Mirror 2


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