Have you ever wanted to have an application that checks your e-mail account but also has a small memory footprint? Well if you did, CheckMail might be the one. However, as you might imagine, low memory consumption makes it have just a couple of features.

You can configure the program to check as many e-mail accounts as you like. The application supports SSL, so the good news is that you’ll be able to check your GMail account. Scheduling when to check for new emails is supported. You can also define rules for moving or deleting certain messages. These rules also allow you to play a certain sound or run an external program when an email matches a rule.

The application logs every action. If you can’t access your POP3 server, you could take a look at the log. The user interface looks nice and the log viewer is easy to read.

Pluses: The main advantage of this software is the fact that it has low memory consumption. As you can see in the screenshots section, it only uses about 2 MB, compared to Thunderbird which uses 23MB.

Drawbacks / flaws: Unfortunately there’s no option for downloading e-mails while at the same time leaving them on the mail server. You can either just check the headers, leaving the emails on the server, or download messages and delete them from the server.
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